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We currently offer a couple of ways for you to view and purchase photos. We use upload your images off site which not only lets you view them, but acts as a long term backup of you images as well. If you select the "slideshow" button of the gallery you wish to see you will be able to see the photos in a nice slideshow presentation with a limited number of photos from your event. You can click "view slideshow" and it will run automatically or you can scroll through one by one You also have the option to view "full screen" which we reccomend if you are just interested in sitting back and looking at the photos. A high speed internet connection and the latest flash plug-ins for your browser will be nescessary for you to run this option.You cannot order prints from this show.
If you want to purchase High quality prints then click on the buy prints option. You can also view as a slideshow from here but honestly it is not quite as nice but you can order prints directly from this page. Enjoy!







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