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Making a price list that is both fair to our clients, and ourselves has been one of our biggest challenges. We are sure that if you have done any price comparison on the web you will find a a vary large range of prices and services that photographers are offering. We have come to the conclusion that we just have too much to offer and to list completley would be difficult and time consuming. But we also know that if you are visiting this page that price is an important factor when deciding which photographer you are going to choose. Unless money is no object, in which case all services start at $5000.
We know that is not the case with most of our customers and every client is different and has different needs so we are willing to work with you and customize a suitable price for your session.
We also know that most of our clients want some sort of idea of what the services will cost.
In an effort to try and please everyone (thats just how we are) we have come up with some price lists that should cover most situations. Just click on the links above the ever-so- clever (we stole it) graphic to your right. If there is somthing that we havn't covered, or if you just want to haggle on the price, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email.




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