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     All-Kind-ZA Photography is a small family operated photography and graphic design business. Currently Todd (pictured) does most of the photography and graphic work but could not do it without the help of his wife "Corkey" who owned and operated a graphic design business in the days B.C. (before computers!).
    She let the business dissolve when the first child came into the picture.
   They are both Christians and became involved with a local ministry called Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc. when they got their first computer in 1995.
   Todd (a commercial printer since 1986). . .

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discovered that he really enjoyed doing things graphic and creative on the computer.
This interest, combined with guidance from Corkey resulted in them becoming the designers for much of Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc's graphic elements.
They designed the logo, letterhead business cards etc then took over the production and editing of the Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc. JOURNAL
   Todd continued to learn all he could about graphic design and the tools associated with it by taking several training courses. He is now highly skilled with Adobe Photoshop as well as most of the other tools Adobe line of creative software. offers including:
just to name a few. He is skilled in and owns many other software titles as well. Todd and Corkey continued to use their skills mostly for non-profit organizations which resulted in little or no profit for themselves! But, Todd really enjoys the creative outlet he gets from doing that type of work.
    in 2003 the printing was going through hard times and changed his working hours which really didn't sit right with him. He also thought the company may be going under so decided to start his own graphic design business as a "life raft" just in case. He is happy to report that the company made a turn around and is still there, but really dreams of making his business his Full Time Job.


In 2005 while looking for some "stock" images on the internet for a design project todd came across istockphoto.com, a royalty free, contributor based image collection. He always liked photography but never thought about using it to earn an income. He went through the application process and started submitting photos. After months of rejections and trying to "improve" technique for better stock images he finally got a few images approved. He is now an EXCLUSIVE photographer with istockphoto.com with well over 1400 images sold and counting.
   This Interest in photography naturally expanded into other types of photography including portraits, weddings etc. So All-Kind-ZA Photography, a division of All-Kind-ZA Graphics and Logos was Born! We would like to be your photography and graphic designers. Please contact us so we can discuss your needs.

Thanks for reading and God Bless You!

Todd McGehee
All-Kind-ZA Photography